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What is Plywood?

Plywood is a strong utility and decorative product made from thin veneers known as plies. Plywood has a wide variety of uses ranging from structural applications through to decorative and marine applications. It has a high impact resistance and has superior bending, torsion and compression strengths.

Our range of plywood products meets virtually every need for construction, cabinet making, acoustic panels, boat and caravan manufacturing, decorative and marine applications.

We use glues that are have the lowest level possible of VOC emissions thus maintaining our commitment to reducing the impact on the environment. Our plywood complies with all relevant Australian Standards.

Plywood Veneer Faces

  • A-FACE – high quality appearance grade suitable for clear finishing.
  • B-FACE – suitable for high quality paint finishes.
  • C-FACE – non-appearance grade with a sanded surface.
  • D-FACE – non-appearance grade with open defects.


  • A-BOND – This bond, is produced from a phenol formaldehyde (PF) resin. Under controlled heat and pressure it forms a permanent and strong bond that won’t deteriorate under wet, hot or cold conditions. A-bond can be easily recognised by its black colour.
  • B-BOND – Type B bond is made using melamine fortified urea formaldehyde resin (MUF), which sets under controlled heat and pressure. Type B bond is included in the exterior plywood standard and is suitable for semi exposed applications such as exterior door skins.

Grades of Plywood

These face qualities and bond types determine the grade of plywood. These grades include:

  • Hoop Pine Marine Ply – A-Faces, A-Bond
  • Gaboon Marine Ply – AFaces, ABond
  • A-C Exterior Ply – A-Face, C-Back, A-Bond
  • B-B Hoop Pine Ply – B-Faces, A-Bond
  • C-C Structural F14 – C-Faces, A-Bond
  • C-D Structural F14 – C-Face, D-Face, A-Bond
  • C-D Plyflooring F14 – Tongue And Groove A-Bond
  • Formply- Phenolic Film Faced, A-Bond
  • Bendy Ply – Rough Sawn, A-Bond

Building and Construction

  • Non Structural BC
  • Non Structural CD Ply
  • SHADOWclad/Evolution (AS/NZS 2269)
  • Sharp’s A-C & B-B Australian Hoop Pine
  • BirchPly B/BB
  • HardwoodPly BC
  • Structural CD Ply (AS/NZS 2269)
  • T&G Structural CD Plyfloor (AS/NZS 2269)
  • FormPly (AS/NZS 6669) Structural Form Ply
  • BracePly (AS 2269) Imported Bracing Ply
  • BirchPly BB/BB

Cabinet Marking / Decorative

  • DecoPly (Polyester/Paper Overlay Ply)
  • FilmPly (Non Structural Film Face)
  • BendiPly (Bending Ply)
  • UV Paint Ply

Special Purpose

  • LightaPly (Lightweight Ply)
  • MarinaPly (BS 1088) Imported Marine Ply
  • MarinaPly (AS 2272) Australian Made