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Plywood Range

Disclaimer: The colours of the samples featured on this website are as close the the colour palette as photographic lighting allow. Colours should be used for reference purposes only.

Non Structural CD Ply
T&G; Structural CD Plyfloor AS NZS 2269
FormPly AS NZS 6669 (Structural Form Ply)
Sharp’s A-C & B-B Australian Hoop Pine
BracePly AS 2269 (Imported Bracing Ply)
BirchPly B BB
DecoPly (Polyester Paper Overlay Ply)
BendiPly (Bending Ply)
Structural CD Ply (AS NZS 2269)
LightaPly (Lightweight Ply)
MarinaPly AS 2272 (Australian Made)
MarinaPly BS 1088 (Imported Marine Ply)