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Lyta Panel

What is Lyta Panel?

From recycled fibre-waste to uniquely functional and aesthetically pleasing light weight furniture and shopfit.

Designer wood panels have just become greener, lighter, thicker and less labour intensive. From recycled paper-waste comes X-Board Plus a strong, firm panel that is lightweight, functional and aesthetically pleasing. X-Board Plus is the best possible green panel solution on the market today and will change the way the building industry works with timber and interior designs forever.

Manufactured by Sharp Plywood, X-Board Plus is one of the most exciting and innovative products to be launched.

This reliable board has been produced using 100% recycled fibre-waste, to create an eco- friendly, low-density core that is lightweight yet strong and stable.

The core, which boasts up to 90 ton per square metre crush strength, is then sandwiched between two panels. The panels are laminated with a variety of finishes including melamine, laminate and timber veneers to suit the clients’ aesthetic requirements. This is the first lightweight eco-friendly board to be
manufactured in Australia.

Sharp Plywood recognises and supports efforts to reduce the environmental footprint. The product not only makes use of recycled paper- waste, therefore limiting the amount that enters landfill, but also reduces the cost of raw materials, embodied energy, transport and logistics.

The most exciting aspect of X-Board Plus is that the designer requirements in terms of both practicality and aesthetics don’t have to be compromised. The product is made to order and can support any design to meet home or commercial furnishing requirements – including, but not limited to: doors, ceiling panels, kitchen joinery, shelving, decorative beams and boardroom tables.

The flexibility of the product allows for greater freedom in design and appearance. We invite you to discover exactly why this product has revolutionised the industry and how it can provide the right solution for you.


  • Lightweight – ease of handling
  • Saves Resources – more effective use of wood
  • Functionality – high level of stability and ease of construction
  • Creative Freedom – thicker the appearance lighter the product
  • Multiple Applications – beams, doors, furniture
  • Optimal Logistics – can be carried by hand
  • Ergonomics – reduces worker’s compensation claims